SPECS @ Cloudscape 2016, 8-9 March, Brussels, Belgium

Cloudscape2016_claimSPECS attended the Cloudscape 2016 event held in Brussels, Belgium on 8 and 9 March 2016.

Cloudscape 2016 is all about key insights into the smart technologies and digital disruptions that will shape 2016 and beyond. The Cloudscape 2016 agenda is a compelling mix of invited talks and interactive discussions, exploring cloud technology, the internet of things and fog computing. It will leave you with valuable insights into trust and security, compliance and certification.

SPECS showcased its demo at the event on both days (8-9 March) as well as displayed its Security SLA model poster, in the demo zone during exhibition time. The SPECS demo attracted the attention of almost all participants of the event, with many of them expressing interest in collaborating and using SPECS work.

For more information on the Cloudscape conference, please click here.