SPECS @ CLIPS project Final Conference, 1 June, Florence, Italy

CLIPSSPECS was presented at the CLIPS Final Conference in Florence, Italy, on June 1st 2016.

The European project’s CLIPS Final Conference was held in Florence on 01/06/2016 as part of the Major Cities of Europe Group (MCEG) annual conference.

CLIPS a European funded initiative has been working on a new approach to delivering public services using cloud computing, with stakeholder collaboration, interoperability and replication as
key concepts.

SPECS was presented in a discussion panel during Session 2 on Data Protection, Security and Privacy.
The event featured presentations from a range of European public cloud initiatives, as well as participation from organisations such as HPE, AgID, Progress Software and Trust-IT Services. It was divided into 4 key sessions:

  • Project and Pilot Results
  • Data Protection, Security and Privacy
  • Commercialisation
    (Business Models and Sustainability)
  • Key Learnings and Recommendations

For more information on the event, please click here.