D5.1.2: Description of the validation scenarios and identification of common elements

This deliverable contains part of the results of the second year of the project. In particular, this document deals with the methodological, planning and coverage aspects related to the user-oriented system level testing of the SPECS software, products and artifacts.

After this premise, this deliverable describes the advancements during the second year of work carried on in this task. These advancements can be mainly described as:

  • The testing activity has been framed into the entire project validation and testing process also concerning integration testing (focusing more on the correct communication among the software components) and unit testing (focusing more on the correct implementation of the software components);
  • The set of the Validation Scenarios (VSs), defined during the first year, has been improved. New scenarios have been added while the existing ones have been refined according to the actual design and implementation changes.
  • Six Validation Applications (VAs), which support the execution of the VSs, have been defined by User Stories and solution portfolio;
  • The coverage level of the five Key Concerns has been improved, and the coverage measurement has also been enriched by the percentage of the executed VSs and tested requirements.