D4.3.1: Implementation of the enforcement SLA components – Preliminary

This deliverable is the first of the three deliverables (D4.3.1, D4.3.2, and D4.3.3) that demonstrate the Enforcement module implementation. The three prototypes presented in this document follow the architecture designed in T4.2 and reported in D4.2.2. They demonstrate the core Enforcement components, namely Planning, Implementation, Diagnosis, and Remediation Decision System.
The prototypes developed in the first year have been carefully chosen to comprise the main building blocks of the Enforcement module – all of its core components as well as the small set of the most elementary security mechanisms. The elementary security mechanisms (Software Vulnerability Assessment, Web Container Pool, and Secure Provisioning) developed in the first year are necessary for the development of the higher level mechanisms defined in D4.1.2 (TLS Security mechanisms, Encryption package, AAA mechanisms, DoS Mitigation mechanisms) – as the proper and secure way of provisioning and management of the virtual machines that host the higher level mechanisms is required.
The development has followed an implementation plan based on prioritised requirements – elementary mechanisms being the highest on the list. In the second year this implementation plan (possibly revised according to End-users’ involvement) will be further followed to provide high quality software components, and special care will be taken to adopt early delivery. The prototype presented in this deliverable will serve as a strong base for future continuous improvements and enhancements.