D4.2.1: Design of the enforcement SLA components – Preliminary

This deliverable is the first of two deliverables (D4.2.1, D4.2.2) that present the design of SPECS enforcement module. While this document presents the preliminary design, D4.2.2 will deliver the final design of Enforcement component.
This document presents:

  • The current solutions which offer at least some aspects of the adaptive security management (SLA@SOI [1], Contrail [2], mOSAIC [50], TClouds [13], OPTIMIS [12], PoSecCo [11], Adaptive Security Management [16])
  • The notion of enforcement from the SPECS perspective.
  • The high-level architecture of the Enforcement module based on o the preliminary global SPECS design introduced in deliverable D1.1.1 (where the role of the Enforcement module in the SLA life cycle has been defined), and so preliminary use cases and Platform requirements related to interoperability of core services, usability, and security (please see D1.2).
  • The potential adoption of existing solutions in SPECS framework.

A second version of the document (D4.2.2) will present:

  • The refined architecture.
  • Protocols and interfaces.
  • Programming API to be implemented in T4.3.