D4.1.2: SLA enforcement mechanisms requirements – Finalized

This deliverable is released in two subsequent versions: in the preliminary version (deliverable D4.1.1), we identified the basic functionalities that the Enforcement module must offer in order to enable the implementation of a signed SLA, and the management of possible alerts/violations detected during the monitoring phase. In this deliverable, we refined and enriched the analysis of different validation scenarios and user stories from the SLA Enforcement perspective, in order to elicit a set of requirements related to the management of two main SAL phases, namely SLA implementation and SLA remediation.

In this deliverable we also located and discussed requirements related to two different kind of security mechanisms and controls. The first one can be directly negotiated by End-­‐Users and dynamically added in order to effectively offer Security-­‐as-­‐a-­‐Service to improve the security of a target service and, at the same time, guarantee it.
The second one is made of cross-­‐cutting security mechanisms that will be provided to protect the communication among SPECS components.
Finally, thanks to the feedbacks from other workpackages, this deliverable includes a refined list of the requirements originally elicited in Deliverable 4.1.1 that will be input for the subsequent tasks on design and implementation.