D3.1: Available services for monitoring

We present in what follows an analysis of the state-of-the-art services for monitoring in clouds and their appropriateness for SPECS. The aim is to identify how SPECS can improve that state-of-the-art in what concerns the SLA-based cloud security monitoring and to identify the potential concepts, methods and tools that can re-used in the context of SPECS developments.
The main body of the document is made of three chapters. The first two chapters, ‘Motivation, challenges and actors’ and ‘Models’, are dedicated to the context analysis and the abstraction of the current knowledge and experience about cloud monitoring, SLA monitoring and security monitoring. The third chapter, ‘Analysis of existing frameworks’, discusses several
concepts and tools that are being developed in the latest R&D projects that are closely related with SPECS. The re-use in SPECS of these concepts and tools is discussed. The analysis shows that SLA-based cloud security monitoring services are not yet available, and that multiple barriers should be passed for its design and development in the further activity of SPECS.