D1.1.3: Architecture Design – Finalized Design

This deliverable illustrates the final architecture of the SPECS platform, resulting from the design activities conducted in several tasks since the start of the project. The objective of the SPECS project is to design and develop an innovative Security Platform-as-a-Service (i.e., the SPECS platform) devoted to delivering cloud services characterized by specific security features, negotiated with End-users and guaranteed through SLAs. The SPECS platform is built on top of the SPECS framework, which provides all the software tools and components needed to develop applications that offer secure services based on SLAs.

According to the SPECS approach, a cloud service is delivered to customers by following the main phases of the SLA life cycle. According to WS-Agreement as well as the preliminary results of ongoing international standardization efforts towards the specification of cloud SLAs (ISO 19086), the SLA life cycle involves five main phases, namely Negotiation, Implementation, Monitoring, Remediation and Renegotiation.