D1.1.2: Architecture Design – Intermediate Design

This deliverable is the second release of a series of three incremental deliverables (D1.1.1, D1.1.2 and D1.1.3) aimed at describing the activities of task T1.1 on the design of the SPECS platform architectural solution. In the preliminary phase we outlined the global SPECS architecture, by introducing the main concepts and services, by providing a layered view of the architecture, and by describing preliminary details for SPECS future implementation. Furthermore, we proposed some simple conceptual models whose purpose was to set a shared terminology to describe the main concepts related to the (SPECS) SLA-based approach.
The current version of the deliverable (D1.1.2) takes as input all feedback and results from the
design activities in other work packages; these enable us to enrich the SPECS architectural view
and design, with the following:

  • An updated glossary taking into account the concepts that have been introduced by the design of new components;
  • A detailed design of SLA Platform and Enabling Platform modules covering the set of requirements elicited in deliverable D1.2;
  • An explicit link to the Enforcement components by summarizing the list of components, the covered requirements and, above all, how they interact with the other modules through the services offered;
  • A preliminary description of Negotiation and Monitoring module components (preliminary since the requirement analysis phase has been just completed and a detailed design is not yet available).

Furthermore, the document refers to the requirements and scenarios from different User Stories described in WP5 tasks. Several examples of SPECS usage will be also presented to fully understand the followed approach.