D1.1.1: Architecture Design – Preliminary Design

This deliverable is the first release of a series of three incremental deliverables (D1.1.1, D1.1.2 and D1.1.3) aimed at describing the SPECS platform architectural solution. In particular, this document outlines the global SPECS architecture, by introducing the main concepts and services, by providing a layered view to the main architectural components, and by describing preliminary details for SPECS future implementation.
In order to illustrate the global architecture, we propose some simple conceptual models whose purpose is to set a shared terminology to describe all concepts related to the (SPECS) SLA-based approach. Indeed, this was the first open issue that the SPECS Consortium had to face: currently, cloud terminology is very instable. Moreover, the jungle of standards is, at the state of the art, the big issue, as also observed by the EU Commission [1] . The proposed terminology, although taking into account the available standards, does not aim at replacing all the existing terms. More precisely, we select specific concepts that are needed for the practical development of a real architecture and outline, as shown in next sections, the relationship between standard terms and the ideas proposed in the DoW.
The proposed architecture description is enriched by a set of views over the SPECS solution, derived from some cloud reference architectures. Such views, together with a taxonomy of services offered by the SPECS framework, derived from the requirement analysis, offer a first step towards the identification of the main modules and components that compose the SPECS framework. A preliminary design highlights how such components interact with one another and how the SLA life cycle affects the execution and invocation of SPECS Security services and applications.