Save the Date! 1st Workshop of the Project Cluster on Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud, 23 February 2016, Napoli, Italy


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The DPSP project cluster – an EU-funded group of projects on data protection, security and privacy in the cloud – and in particular the SPECS, COCO CloudSERECAMUSA and CLIPS projects are proud to announce the first workshop of the Project Cluster on Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud (DPSP Workshop 2016).

The workshop was held on the 23rd of February 2016 in Napoli, Italy.

The workshop brought together key stakeholders involved in specification, management and enforcement of machine-readable policies or agreements in the cloud. The topics discussed were all-encompassing from security to data sharing agreement, there are similar needs and challenges, such as legal, contractual or user defined preferences.

Focus of the Workshop 

The workshop helped shed light on dimensions common to these needs and challenges: 

  • To facilitate the writing, understanding, analysis, management, enforcement and dissolution of agreements or policies; going from high level descriptions (close to natural language) to system enforceable policies and agreements;
  • To evaluate the most appropriate enforcing mechanisms depending on the underlying infrastructure for enforcing policies (e.g. data usage policy in case of Coco Cloud);
  • Understanding and incorporating legal and regulatory requirements into the policies and agreements;
  • To automate Security SLA writing and implementation.

For the workshop agenda, click here.

Workshop’s web page and presentations made, here.

Notable Speakers


Aljosa Pasic, Technology Transfer Director, Atos

al movil







Aljosa Pasic is currently a Technology Transfer Director in Atos Research & Innovation (ARI), based in Madrid, Spain. Aljosa has participated in more than 50 international research, innovation or consulting projects, mainly related to the areas of information security or e-government. He is a member of EOS (European Organisation for Security) Board of Directors, and collaborates regularly with organisations such as ENISA, IFIP, IARIA, FI-PPP and others.

Currently, he also works in Coco Cloud and SECCORD projects.


Antonio Lioy, Politecnico di Torino, Italy







Antonio Lioy is Full Professor of Computer Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino (Italy), where he leads the TORSEC research group active in the area of computer and network security.
He is an expert in PKI, electronic identity, trusted computing, and policy-based security systems.
He is Coordinator of the SECURED FP7 project and is also taking part in other current EC-funded projects ASPIRE, CLIPS, e-SENS, and FICEP.


Luigi Romano, Professor of Engineering, University of Naples








Luigi Romano is currently a Full Professor at the Engineering Department of the University of Naples “Parthenope” in Italy and the Chief Scientific Officer (as well as one of the co-founders) of EPSILON S.r.l, an SME that is very active in R&D. He lead EPSILON research activities in two FP7 projects (namely: STREAM and SRT-15) and is currently EPSILON PI in the SERECA project, co-funded by the European Commission within the context of the Horizon 2020 program. He was a member of the European Network and Information Security Agency expert group on Priorities of Research On Current and Emerging Network Technologies (PROCENT) and has recently been appointed as one of the members of the Experts Group on Aligning Research Programme with Policy in the Specialised Area of Network and Information Security (NIS). He is the Chair of the Cyber Security Technology area within the context of the SERIT (Security Research in Italy) initiative. SERIT is the technological platform for national security, jointly promoted by the National Research Council (CNR) and Finmeccanica.


Erkuden Rios, EU-DPSP Cluster Coordinator, Tecnalia Research and Innovation Technology Centre

Erkuden Rios 2015







Erkuden Rios has a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of the Basque Country (EHU-UPV) (1997) and works as a R&D project manager at the Tecnalia Research and Innovation Technology Centre (Spain). She specialises in resilience and cybersecurity technologies and engineering, and has coordinated and collaborated in many research projects at national and European level, such as CIPHER, SHIELDS and ANIKETOS. Her latest research is focused on cybersecurity of service oriented systems and Cloud computing technologies. Erkuden is currently the project manager and scientific coordinator of MUSA (Multi-cloud secure applications) and coordinates the Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud Cluster of EU-funded research projects. She has just finalised the project and scientific coordination of the TACIT project on simulation of cyber threats over electricity Smart Grids.


Leandro Aglieri, President of Cloud for Defence

Leandro Aglieri - primo piano ufficiale







Leandro Aglieri (, has a degree in Political Sciences – Economics Department. He has followed Executive Courses in “SDA Bocconi University”, and after a long career as Arthur Andersen Business Consulting Senior Manager, in 2003 he founded LA Consulting Innovation management Advisory Company, of which he is currently Managing Partner; he is President of Cloud for Defence (Cloud4Defence), a Network of small-medium sized enterprises built to bring cloud computing approach and technology inside the processes of the Public Administrations with a special focus on cybersecurity: our refrain is “Safer Clouder”.

Author of many articles on Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity topics, he has been also Vice president of AFCEA Rome Chapter (Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association) and has handled many sessions as a speaker in national and international forums and taught in several Italian universities.


Massimiliano Rak, Second University of Naples









Massimiliano Rak is an assistant professor at Second University of Naples.
His scientific activity involves the analysis and design of High Performance System Architectures, on methodologies and techniques for Distributed Software development, on security in distributed systems, on Service Level Agreements and Cloud development technologies. On these topics he has published more than 100 papers appeared in journals, conference proceedings, and books.
Massimiliano Rak has contributed to the mOSAIC FP7 Project, he is Coordinator of the FP7 SPECS project, and dissemination and WP leader in H2020 MUSA project.


Michele Vecchione,  Director Vertical Platforms Engineering, TIM, Italy

Michele Vecchione, graduated from the University of Roma in Electronic Engineering, and is responsible of Vertical platforms engineering at the Business Division of TIM. Along his 25 years  career in the telecommunication industry, he focuses particularly in the area of applications and value added services development within both mobile and fixed networks.  He has covered several management positions in IT and Network divisions of TIM, mainly coordinating Engineering teams. More recently, he moved into the cloud arena, with the responsibility to deploy SAAS architectures  for Vertical Industry applications (Healthcare, Smart Cities, Tourism, Green IT) as well as Cross Industry applications such as Videoconferencing and Unified Messaging within the TIM Cloud infrastructure.


Wissam Mallouli, Montimage, France








Dr. Wissam Mallouli ( is currently a research & development project manager at Montimage France. He received his PhD in computer science from Telecom and Management SudParis (France) in 2008. His topics of interest cover formal testing and monitoring of functional, performance and security aspects of networks and cloud based systems. He worked in several European and French research projects. He also participates to the program/organizing committees of numerous national and international conferences. He published more than 25 papers in conference proceedings, books and journals.


For more information on the DPSP Workshop and how to register, please visit the official website here.


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