D5.1.3: Description of the validation scenarios and identification of common elements

This deliverable reports the status of development activities of the web container and metric catalogue application. These applications are in charge of demonstrating the feasibility of the SPECS approach; they also have the purpose of testing the entire SPECS platform and modules implementing the Validation Scenarios according to the methodology expressed in D5.1.2.

In this document, we present references to install and use the prototype applications developed in the framework of this task. All the software artifacts are available, they cover a very large number of Validation Scenarios and they solicit a great part of the SPECS platform and modules, although most of them are transparent to the SPECS end-users. In this deliverable, we focus on implementation status, provide links to repositories, and present guides for installation and usage of the components. Furthermore, in accordance with the methodology proposed in D4.5.2, unit test results are be presented.